Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer of 09

This picture was right before Nic left on his mission. Now Aaron is serving a mission and Spencer just got his call and reports to the MTC Oct. 21st.

These are my girls. I love them so much Elise, me, Riki Jen then top Alex and Kayleen. Not pictured (Sarah)

Well, this summer has been way super fun! Elise came home from college and we have got to spend lots of time together. We also are taking a summer class together. All of us girls got together and took some pictures. All of our boys are going on missions so we are lossing all of our guy friends. NO boyfriends right now so thats a good thing. Well, maybe not. haha. I can't think of anything new. OH i am going to the salt river with all the friends this weekend and camping in 3 weeks with friends. so thats the update.


  1. I'm so glad you found your old blog! :) Those are some cute pictures! I can't believe all of the guys will be gone on their missions soon... that's so crazy!!
    Love your amigo,

  2. Yay sis! You finally made a post on your blog...well, you found your blog...lol! I love it! Now we need to update your background. I love you! Can't wait to have lunch tomorrow...I'm already hungry for some PF Changs!

  3. hahaa!! umm i can't believe i found this either. i just found my sernior year one tooo!! hahah that so old. ok so i have no idea how to use this! kind of funi i think.. im so used to facebook.. thats way easier just to let u both no! haha. and how do u leave a comment on someones? this is crazy! lol..